Imagine your world without art.

Most of us cannot.   Art is an essential part of our lives.

Art stimulates our minds and fills our souls.

The Spanish Colonial Arts Society quietly directs one of the city’s true gems—the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, and presents the annual Spanish Markets.  The Museum’s exhibits and programs provide continuity of culture and tradition.  Spanish Market presents the living tradition of Spanish arts through artists who perpetuate the arts while interpreting them in a modern world.

The Spanish Colonial Arts Society is in its 68th year.  The Museum of Spanish Colonial Arts will celebrate its 10th anniversary in a few months.

We have come this far with your support.  Your membership provides the base for all our efforts, however much more is needed.  Your personal investment and generosity with an additional gift will sustain the Museum, the Market and our programs for future generations of artists and art lovers.

Share your passion for Spanish colonial art!  Please make a gift of support today!

Thank you!

Call:  505-982-2226 ext 122
Mail:  PO Box 5378, Santa Fe NM  87502-5378
Online donation: Secure Online Donations through Paypal via major credit card or Paypal account (no Paypal account required) by clicking on the “DONATE ONLINE” link in the lower right under “Act Now.”

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