Spanish Colonial Arts Society
PO Box 5378
Santa Fe, NM 87502-5378
(505) 982-2226 MAIN  (505) 982-4585 FAX
for questions pertaining to Museum and Museum events. for Member questions. for questions concerning Spanish Market or Winter Market.


Executive Director
David Setford
505-982-2226, Ext. 108

 Finance Coordinator
Jann Phillips
505-982-2226, Ext. 105

Public Relations/Communications
Helen Pacheco
505-982-2226, Ext. 106


Development Director
505-982-2226, Ext. 122

Ellen Sullivan



Museum Of Spanish Colonial Arts Shield Logo Arts Alive! Workshop
Museum of
Spanish Colonial Art
750 Camino Lejo
Santa Fe, NM
(505) 982-2226 MAIN

Museum Senior Curator
Robin Farwell Gavin
505-982-2226, Ext. 126
rfgavin@spanishcolonial.orgMembership Administrator
Donna Gilliland
505-982-2226, Ext. 122

Special Projects
William (Bill) Field
505-982-2226, Ext. 124

505-982-2226, Ext. 109

Gift Shop
505-982-2226, Ext. 102

Richard Gonzales


Spanish Market Director
Maggie Magalnick
505-982-2226, Ext. 111
Education Program Director
Linda Muzio
505-982-2226, Ext. 121 

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