“How the Maccabees Set the Stage for Christianity” Lecture by Rabbi Marvin Schwab

When: Back to Calendar October 29, 2012 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Where: The Museum of Spanish Colonial Art
750 Camino Lejo
Santa Fe,NM 87505
Cost: Free/members or $10/non-members
Contact: Janella Marsh
505-982-2226, Ext. 103
Tags: $10 to Non-Members Free To Members Reservations Required

Rabbi Marvin Schwab, Lecture
“How the Maccabees Set the Stage for Christianity”

Join us for a a behind the scenes journey through a period of history known as the, “Inter-Testimental Period,”  the time between the end of Jewish Scriptures and the beginning of the writing of Christian Scriptures.  Imagine a time when the idea of a messiah was not integral to Western Religious thought.  Imagine a time when Judaism and Hellenism were openly in conflict with each other.  Come and explore the fertile ground which the Maccabees unwittingly prepared and in which Christianity took root.  Most people have heard of Christmas.  Many people have heard of Chanukah, since it often comes at about the same time of year.  At first glance, other than presents and their timing, these two holidays would seem to have nothing much in common.  In reality, without the events of Chanukah, and what followed them, there might never have been a Christianity, and thereby no Christmas.

Lecture is free to members of the Society, $10 for non-members.  (Memberships in the Spanish Colonial Arts Society begin at $40 and may be purchased at the door.)  Reservations are required, so please call 505-982-2226 to reserve.

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